The Lord of Light

Chief among the Mirari is Leot (LEE-awt), the Lord of Light. He has largely taken over the duties of the sun god. Although he has no known mate, he is said to be the Father of most of the Mirari. He is confined to the dimension of the Mirari and functions on Centuria's plane through his clerics, Prophets and Prophetesses.

Shashtah and Tphah

Shashtah Astride Tphah


L.A. Malcor

The major tenets of his religion include truth, justice, goodness, and the love of all beings. His followers place great value upon tradition, the family and the community. He is one of the preferred gods of the Dragons and the Dumnonians. His color is not so much white as it is a combination of all of the colors of the spectrum.

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