The War Goddess

This image is originally from Midnight's Attic, which no longer seems to be on the Net.

The wisdom of Kyla (KEYE-lah), daughter of Leot, is proverbial among the Daethians. She is, in fact, the only deity whose name can be mentioned with impunity. She favors both the individual warrior and the army. The Ban-kai stretches of the Dumnonian warriors are sacred to her and form the basis for the Battle Dance in which two individuals seek to act as a unit in her honor. Of all the Mirari, she alone has retained the love of her rebellious brothers, who admire her for her skill at arms.

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The major tenet of Kyla's religion is compromise in the pursuit of honor and goodness, thus she is also worshiped by many diplomats. She is sometimes venerated in conjunction with her brother, Criton, who has taken over the functions of the original war god, particularly as they pertain to the policing of society. She is the preferred goddess of women warriors and of many Dragonriders. Her color is sapphire blue.

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