The Elven King

Ivy Garland

Perhaps the best-loved of the Mirari, Farador (FAIR-a-dohr), commonly called the Elven King, is the older brother of Leot. He tries to support his powerful sibling in all matters, but he tends to become fascinated with individuals and often loses sight of his brother's broader plans. Farador followed Criton to this plane to aid the non-humans in the War against the Dark One. He married the Elven Queen, Tira (TEER- ah), and fathered Prince Laedor (LAY-dohr) and Princess Adrial (AY- dree-al). Tira and Laedor were both slain by the Dark One, but their souls are safely in Leot's care, where the Elven King hoped to rejoin them someday. An unexpected mass resurrection, courtesy of the White Wolf (Ailan), raised Tira and Laedor from the dead, and they have rejoined the fight at Farador's side.

Farador is the builder of the enchanted Elven Kingdom and grandfather of Juel (JOO-el), Elven Lord. His magic maintains springtime year round in the Great Woods and enables plants of all types to grow there, regardless of climate. His magic is based largely on the creative forces of nature, and he drains the power from enchanted items from a hoard inside an enchanted lake in the Elven Kingdom in order to cast his spells.

The major tenets of the Elven King's religion are goodness and individual freedom. He is the preferred god of the elves. His color is green.

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