The Lord of Darkness

Emblem of Serak


Danielle DiFronzo

Serak (SAIR-ack) used to be the brightest of the Mirari, a scarlet warrior, beloved by Leot and the acknowledged Heir to the sun god's throne. Tired of waiting for his immortal father's unlikely demise, Serak led a rebellion against Leot. Criton, who replaced Serak as the commander of the sun god's forces, drove his rebellious siblings--Serak, Xeron and Daenan--into Centuria's plane. As punishment for starting the War, Leot withdrew all Light from Serak, rendering him not so much black as a creature made up of the absence of light. Serak draws his power from the pain and misery of others rather than from magic items as other Mirari do. He is said to have fathered several sons on Daethian women in the hope that they will help him win the War.

Serak is currently held trapped in Mount Cinnamar by the spells of his brother, Criton, but he sends his minions out nightly to destroy everything that fights for the cause of good in the universe, particularly the Daethians, the elves and the Dumnonians. His clerics have but one goal: to defeat Leot so that their god can be elevated to his rightful throne. He is the preferred god of most Cinnamarians. His color is black.

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