Warrior of the Light




L.A. Malcor

Favored son of Leot since the rebellion of the Dark One, Criton (KREYE-ton) is the winged warrior of the Mirari who drove his three evil brothers--Serak, Xeron and Daenan--out of his home plane and followed them to Centuria to continue the War. Finding the School of Corin abandoned by the Wizards, he claimed their throne, naming himself Lord over the Daethians and commander-in-chief of the armies of Daethia, although he never acknowledged the title of Great Wizard.

The elite guard Criton founded, the Kyondoca (KEYE-uhn-DAH-kah), wear black kilts and magical golden armbands. Criton himself appears naked except for a sword belt, golden armbands and a few pieces of jewelry in his trueform. In his humanform he wears a sky-blue kilt, similar to that worn by his guards.

He is Bonded to a winged horse, Seraphe, which he is rumored to have brought with him from the Land of Light. He currently lives in a magical castle on a cloud, traveling the winds along with his wife, Elven Princess Adrial.

His main function as a deity is to oversee the holy warriors who are sacred to Leot. The major tenet of his religion is the pursuit of honor through combat. He is the preferred god of most warriors and Daethians. His color is sky blue.

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