*Sandy Plains Castle*
Sandy Plains Castle's Coat of Arms

Located north of Cinnamar on the Dumnonian side of the Daethian border, this castle is renowned for its white sand pits, which are among the finest on Centuria. Some areas of high volcanic activity sport black and green sand as well. The castle is home to a fine Glass Guild, which oversees the distribution of the precious sands to Dumnonia's allies. The current lord and lady are Geyron and Lania.

Sandy Plains
and Environs

Sandy Plains Castle presides over a magnificent black sand stretch, called "The Strand," that runs along the Sterrefyr River. To the west (off the map) are the dune-covered highlands that make up most of the castle's territory. The white sand pits, for which the castle is justifiably famous, are located in these highlands. The flood mark for the Sterrefyr is roughly half way between the water and the castle, so there's plenty of room for Dragons to lounge around and soak up the sun!

Sandy Plains Castle is built atop the cliffs that line the river. The main entrance faces northeast and is protected by a vast courtyard that can easily contain several Dragons, but Dragonriders are usually asked to land on the Strand (Even Sandy Plains's courtyard can't accommodate an entire base camp!). Perhaps you will visit the castle proper someday, but for most events the private residence of Lord Geyron and Lady Lania is off limits.

Sandy Plains does not sport a Tramson-style race track yet (although Lord Geyron is rumored to be considering adding one). Instead races run at this location are on the straight-track pattern. When there are no races, the picket lines, which are located south of the courtyard, are made available for guests' horses and camels. These pickets house the Beast Guilders' additional stock as well.

Visit Me'ira's Clip Art For Dancers, the source for this image.

North of the courtyard we come to the market stalls proper. The four main rows house the bulk of the Guilders who come to trade at Sandy Plains. The rows run east-to-west. The northernmost row contains the carpenters with their amazing variety of wood-based products and the bards, who offer instruments for all levels of ability. Miners with their jewels and other treats and the smiths with their intricate jewelry and fine weaponry of all kinds also share this row. The second row houses the weavers, where you can order clothing fit for a lord, as well as tapestries, rugs and clothing accessories, and the tanners, who have come to trade all manner of leather goods; at the west end of this row the tanners also have a location where custom dye jobs can be performed. The third row serves as space for the Healers, who sell special oils, poultices and remedies, and the scribes, as well as for a variety of artisans from all the crafts. In the southernmost row, you will find farmers selling fresh, dried and canned fruit and vegetables and fishers offering their catches from the Sterrefyr.

Visit Me'ira's Clip Art For Dancers, the source for this image.

Northwest of the market stalls is the dance floor. Tables of all shapes and sizes are positioned to afford guests an excellent view of the river. The head table is set up to the west of the dance floor. The performers' platform and bards' table are located to the north.

North of the dance floor, we find the food and wine stalls. Lord Geyron and Lady Lania have invited some of the finest cooks in Daethia to ply you with their wares, and vintners have imported fine wines from all over Centuria for this special event.

Sandy Plains Roster

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