*Southern Castle*

Southern Castle's Coat of Arms

Situated on the banks of the Ripon River in the foothills of the Dragon's Back Mountains, Southern Castle is the premier site on the Northern Horse Racing Circuit. The castle is known for its superb strings of racing horses, with the culls from the racing strings proving to be among the finest riding horses on Centuria. The racers themselves provide many of the best messenger horses for the front line troops. The castle also serves as a major trading center for people who are unwilling to venture into Krillion.

Map of Southern Castle

The current lord and lady are Gellaim and Rizona. They are inlaws to Lord Janix of Tramson Castle and the grandparents of Lady Jalla of Joint Venture Cottage.

Lord Gellaim owns one of the most magnificent castles on Centuria. The main fortifications face south, overlooking the Ripon and the Great Woods. The foothills of the Dragon's Back Mountains rise precipitously to the east and are well patrolled. The impressive structure commands a critical shipping point along the Ripon between Mt. Paradin and the ports where merchants off-load for Krillion. The view south across the Ripon is of the Great Woods, and Gellaim is religious about helping to patrol both sides of the waterway.

Southern Castle
and Environs

Southern Castle and Environs

The castle itself boasts two main towers, one with rooms for the family and one for guests, a Great Hall, massive kitchens, a dungeon, barracks, kennels, mews, and places where guilders attached to the castle can practice their various skills. Huge stables for the family's preferred mounts and the mounts of guards who are stationed at the castle building lie just outside the walls on a flat hilltop that is surrounded by a dry moat. A causeway that can be readily destroyed in time of battle spans the moat.

The most recent addition to Southern Castle's environs is its Tramson-style track. The infield of Southern Castle's racetrack consists of intricately planted, sculptured beds where medicinal plants and herbs grow side-by-side with flowers of all descriptions. North of the track are paddocks lined with box stalls and picket lines for visiting racers. South of the track are gigantic stables that house Southern's current racing string, messengers' mounts, racers in training, remounts for warriors attached to the castle and prize studs. Breeding mares and younger racers roam the vast pasturelands that spread north of the castle.

On a market day, you will find the head table, with its commanding view of the dance floor immediately north of the causeway. Smaller tables for guests line the sides of the dance floor. To the north of the dance floor is the platform for the performers, with the Bards' private table situated to the west.

Market stalls fill the rest of the flat are north of the dance floor and east of the track. The cooks/bakers and the vintners have the line of stalls nearest the dance floor. The rest of each row is apportioned as follows:

The westernmost row features the farm guilders, selling fresh, dried and canned fruit and vegetables; and the fish guilders, selling a variety of products from the Ripon.

The next row contains stalls for:

The third row from the west contains the following:

The easternmost row is reserved for those selling livestock, as this puts them closest to the foothills, providing them with considerable shelter from the wind that sometimes batters the region. Bidders at animal auctions can sit on the hills as handlers parade livestock before them. If a beast guilder has more stock than can be accommodated at the market stall, additional space can be established along the slopes of the hills.

Lord Gellaim and Lady Rizona welcome you to their magnificent home and hope you enjoy your market day.

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