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Located along the Sterrefyr River just north of the Dorada, this castle is marked by rolling, grassy plains and hills. The current Lord and Lady are Sheehan and Zara.

Starfire Castle and

Starfire Castle and Environs

Gazing down, we see the castle set around the small canyon with the outer courtyard and Feast area all awaiting the guests of the castle.

East of the castle proper, we can now see the newly completed racetrack, laid out in the Tramson fashion. Paddocks and picket lines are set up to the north of the track, making it easy for the jockeys to exchange horses with the grooms and get ready for the next race.

Starfire Castle, Close-Up

Starfire Castle

Starfire was founded by nobles whose primary interest was the horses and Beast Guilders the castle planned to support. Thus, the land was chosen for the natural pens and shelters and the lush vegetation that abound. The main castle was originally little more than shelter around a natural canyon pen, but over the years Starfire has become an elegantly appointed castle.

Coming up the roadway, we find ourselves at the outer courtyard. Two towers preside over the gate, offering a grand view of the plains that stretch out before the castle proper. There are two entrances off the courtyard. The northern entry leads into the family's living quarters, and includes the kitchens and storerooms of the castle. The southern door leads into the castle's vast stables. The inner courtyard is fashioned from a box canyon. Guilders' quarters, barracks for warriors and other such structures are accessed from here (some being set into the cliffs and others being built inside the courtyard itself). The original nobles rigged ingenious retractable metal roofs that can cover the canyon in a matter of heartbeats in the event of an aerial attack.

Outside the courtyard, to the south of the castle, we find the Feast area itself. Food and wine stalls are set up along the south wall of the court, offering some shelter from the breezes that are part of Starfire's charm. The bards' table and the performers' platform are set up to the north of the dance floor, with the head table due west of it, allowing Lord Sheehan's and Lady Zara's special guests a fine view of the newly finished racetrack. Several round tables are set up about the dance floor as well, allowing people to rest easily between dances or simply enjoy the entertainment while they eat.

Visit Me'ira's Clip Art For Dancers, the source for this image.

Market stalls are found to the south of the dance floor, set up in three staggered rows. The southern-most stalls are reserved for those selling livestock, as this keeps the odors primarily downwind from the rest of the Feast. If a trader or beast guilder has more stock than can be accommodated at the stall, additional space can be purchased along the picket lines and in the paddocks to the north of the racetrack. Also, to be found in this row are the farmers, selling fresh, dried and canned fruit and vegetables; and the fishers, selling a variety of products. The middle of the three market stall rows contains (from left to right) the following: The carpenters--an amazing variety of wood-based products; the jewelers and smiths--intricate jewelry and fine weaponry of all kinds; the glass-smiths; the miners--jewelry and artistry abound at this booth; and the bards--instruments of all levels can be found here. The northernmost row (from left to right) contains the following: the tanners--all manner of leathergoods for sale, they will also have a location (well downwind) where custom dye jobs can be performed; the weavers--here you can order clothing fit for a lord, as well as tapestries, rugs and clothing accessories; the remaining booths are divided among the healers (who sell special oils, poultices and remedies), the scriber and a variety of artisans.

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