Rashtar Gazetteer

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Welcome to the Rashtar Gazetteer! This section details the known areas within the borders of Rashtar. If you need to add a location to this region, contact Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com, and he'll help you out.


Rashtar is separated from the other countries on its continent by the Dragon's Back Mountains, which form the western border of the lands of the barbarians. Only one Pass has ever been found through these mighty peaks, which has provided the Rashtarians with a comparative measure of security from the Forces of the Dark One. The land itself is divided into two primary regions: the tundra in the north and the forests in the south. The rocky coastline to the east and south boasts no usable harbors, which also helps protect its inhabitants from attack. Rashtar is connected to the Northern Wastes by a narrow isthmus that is passable approximately thirteen rotations out of every year.

Locations of Interest within Rashtar

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