Mount Paradin

Mount Paradin

Mount Paradin (PAIR-uh-din), which is located in the portion of this range that falls within Southern Daethia, is the site of the Galantite (Guh-LAN-teyet) Kingdom. The source of all metals and gems for the allied forces, and the only known source of Galantite metal on the planet, the mountain is extremely well guarded. Other than thieves (which all Krills are assumed to be), guests of every race are welcome. Theft is punishable by death.

The mighty Ripon has its source deep inside the mountain. The river spills out of an opening in the side of the mountain, tumbling down a percipitous cliff. The impressive waterfall cascades into a large pool, where trading boats wait for admittance. The Ripon flows away from the pool as a wide, swift river, so the amount of water pouring over the cliff per heartbeat is tremendous and the sound is deafening.

The entrance to the kingdom is well-guarded at all times by Galantite patrols. The entrance is framed by pulleys and other devices that are used to raise the trading boats from the river into the mouth of the cavern. Foot access is along two paths, one up each side of the fall. The northern path winds gently up the slope, enabling caravans to jounrey directly into the mountain. The southern path is a bit more percipitous and contains stairs. Guards are posted on both approaches to the mountain. No one may enter or leave Mount Paradin without the Galantites knowing about it.

The inside of the cavern is lined with stone docks. Trade boats are released from the pulley system near the entrance and hauled by hemp cables to a mooring. The boats are off-loaded, then reloaded with whatever trade goods are purchased and lowered out of the cavern. The northern loading platfrom is a good deal wider than the southern side since it is designed to hold entire caravans. Stable facilities for camels and horses open off the northern platform.

Tunnels lead away from the docks in all directions. Travelers are advised never to enter the tunnel systems unless in the company of a Galantite. The mountain is a veritable maze, and it is extremely easy to become lost. Forcing the Galantites to suspend mining operations to search for you is a good way to find yourself banned from ever visiting--let alone trading in--the Galantite kingdom again.

Guest quarters are spartan, little more than a cave lit by a magical light that senses movement within the room. Beds are stone shelves cut into the rock walls. Galantites have no need of pillows or blankets, nor can they imagine why their guests would want such things.

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The Galantite Throne Room is a magnificent grotto in the heart of Mount Paradin. Every kind of gem imaginable studs limestone columns that had been formed over centuries by carefully balancing the priceless jewels on stalagmites and setting them into tiny crevasses chipped into stalactites. Tiny brooks babble happily as they flow over veins of gold and silver imbedded in quartz, tumbling toward the spring where they would join the underground rivers that formed the source of the Ripon. A massive throne of solid Galantite ore looms at the far end of the enormous cavern. This is where King Jochia sits when he holds court. At such times, the Galantite monarch is surrounded by his most deadly guards. No one sees the Galantite king without being granted an audience. Jochia himslef handles all trade negotiations for the Galantites.

Galantite Roster

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