Krellos Gazetteer

Southern Continent

Krellos, the original homeland of the Krills is located on the landbridge between the Northern and Southern Continents. Stories say that the land was exceptionally beautiful, filled with an amazing variety of flowers and vines. When the Krills homeland fell to the Dark One's forces, the Krills fled north into Daethia, but the Daethians didn't think the peace-loving, diminutive creatures had anything to offer to the war effort. Krellos had never mounted an army in the struggle. A few Krills could use a little magic, but none had ever become a Wizard or studied at Corin. They were too small to ride full-sized horses or camels, and they had no knowledge of farming on a large scale, since they had never needed to do anymore than tend small gardens in their lush homeland.

The stunned Krills found that they were without legitimate occupations, as far as their Daethian neighbors were concerned, and they were not allowed to buy or own land within Daethia's borders. Denied any other means of survival, the Krills turned to theft to keep themselves alive. To the Daethian's chagrin, the Krills literally stole the city of Krillion, which they hold to this day. In recent years, through the efforts of Shashtah Dragonheart, the Krills have become extremely valuable to the war effort, using their skills to function as spies. They feed information mostly to the Dumnonian base camps, but they sometimes give tips on the enemy's whereabouts to the Elves and Daethians as well.

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