Geron Firelord's Volcano

Linked to Daethia via a magic pool, Geron Firelord's Volcano is one of the last bastions of the Light on the Other Continent. Geron Firelord is a powerful wizard who specializes in fire magic. He could easily be one of the Wizards of Corin, if the School had survived to modern times. His home is a maze of lava tubes and bubbles that he has hollowed out to form a variety of rooms. His magic controls the magma, heating his home from the natural source and preventing the volcano (and the other volcanos in the chain) from erupting. He is on friendly terms with his neighbor, Lord Janix of Tramson Castle.

In Dragonking Shashtah and Kashon visit a wizard by the name of Geron Firelord who lives inside a volcano on the Other Continent. In the books, Geron's volcanic fortress is the only foothold on the Other Continent that remains to Daethia and her allies. On the alternate timeline for Dragonlords, Geron has teamed up with Lord Janix to actually defend about a quarter of the Other Continent. In the story "A Matter of Taste," which appeared in Awaken the Dragons!, Krin sees Lord Janix leading troops into Geron's volcano for a nightly defense of the Other Continent front line, which stretches between the southern mountains and the west coast.

The Other Continent

If you look at the map, you'll see that Tramson is quite distant from the front line, and Geron Firelord's Volcano is almost as far in the wrong direction. Lord Janix, with Geron's help, uses magical pools to transport his troops where he needs them. Geron guards literally dozens of magic pools that lead all over Centuria. One of those pools happens to lead to Tramson. Lord Janix marches his troops into a magic pool at Tramson, and they teleport to Geron Firelord's Volcano. At the volcano, the troops march into another pool that teleports them to a third pool that happens to be on the Other Continent Front Line.

Geron's specialty, though, is not transportation magic. He's called the "Firelord" because he's the absolute best at casting any spell that is associated with fire and because he's developed several fire-related spells that only two or three of the Mirari even know. The only reason he can live inside a volcano is because his magic keeps the molten rock at bay, guiding it where he wants it. He can extend that control throughout the entire volcanic range that is attached to his home. So, since Lord Janix is Geron's friend, Tramson has little niceties, such as geothermal heating, hot running water, and indoor spas.

Geron's wife is Kyla, the only female member of the Kyondoca.


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