Dumnonia Gazetteer

Welcome to the Dumnonia Gazetteer! Here you will find pertinent information about everything in Dumnonia's territory. Some areas of the country are more developed than others, so there is still plenty of room to grow.


Dumnonia lies to the north of Cinnamar and to the west of northern Daethia. The Sterrefyr marks its eastern border. The southern border is distinguished mainly by the presence of living plants and animals. The features of the terrain vary from badlands to brushland, with caravan trails winding their way across open desert, all varieties of dunes, harrats, hogbacks, kavirs, cliffs, plateaus, gassis, and wadis. Alkaline and seasonal lakes can be found in the deserts of Dumnonia, as can an occasional oasis or well. The western border is marked by a beautiful sea, complete with coral reefs and lagoons. Legend has it that forests, grasslands, jungles, and even swamps can be found near this sea, but the Dumnonians abandoned such terrain long ago in favor of an enormous canyon known as the Valley of Ancients, which houses the Tomb of Corin. The King's Camp lies within a few candlescars' walk of this holy valley. The camps of the nine Dragonlords of Dumnonia and the countless caravaneers change their location without notice. East of the King's Camp is a large plateau called the Anvil, which serves as a landmark for caravans trying to find their way from Daethia to the King's Camp. Like Cinnamar, some of Dumnonia's landscape has been warped by the magic of the War, but non-magic zones are rare.

Fixed Locations

Roving Base Camps

Dumnonia Roster

These characters are not attached to specific locations, but they do reside within Dumnonia's borders.

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