Daethia Gazetteer

Welcome to the Daethia Gazetteer! This section details the known areas within the borders of Daethia. If you need to add a location to this region, contact Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com and he'll help you out.


The Dragon's Back Mountains, which form the eastern border of Daethia, curve to the north, making it impossible to access the polar cap directly from that country.

Daethia has four major rivers. The mighty Sterrefyr (STAIR-fuhr) River forms the eastern border of Daethia. The Ripon (REYE-pahn) flows from Mount Paradin to the Sterrefyr along the northern border of the Great Woods.


The Zyryk


L.A. Malcor

The Zyryk (ZEER-ick) and the Dorata (DOOR-ah-tah) flow across the fertile lands between Tor and Krillion, from the Dragon's Back Mountains to the Sterrefyr River.

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