Cinnamar Gazetteer

Red Dragon

The stronghold of the Dark One, Cinnamar (SIN-uh-mahr) lies across the Sterrefyr River from the Great Woods. This country has been rendered a wasteland by over two millennia of war. The single mountain from which this desolate land takes its name rises approximately one day's ride west from the Sterrefyr, roughly three days journey by foot. Mount Cinnamar is the only thing that can really be said to be a location in this country.


Cinnamar is bordered by Dumnonia on the north and Daethia on the east. No one knows what borders this land on the south and west. The major features of Cinnamar are large zones where magic, without warning, fails to work and huge warps that have been torn in the fabric of space by the ongoing War. No one has ever successfully mapped these regions, but Dumnonian caravaneers and Dragonriders claim that some of them are stable enough to enable the traveler to cover huge distances instantaneously with some regularity. Lifeless seif dunes that seem to shift without warning run in endless mazes over the surface of the country between Mount Cinnamar and the borders of Dumnonia and Daethia. The rest of the country is largely flatlands and kavirs, none of which exhibit any signs of life. No water has ever been found within Cinnamar's borders.


The devils, demons and other forces of the Dark One are trapped beneath the surface during the day. Well, most of the time <g>. Vampires, skeletons, zombies, ghouls, trolls, orcs, ogres, evil dragons and members of other races (including humans!) have been known to serve the Dark One. Anyone who fights for Cinnamar is considered to be a Cinnamarian. The country is a popular place for its neighbors to exile criminals, so bands of brigands are comman. All of the troops live inside Mount Cinnamar, emerging to fight at night. The exits from the Mountain are not all located at the base or on its slopes. Some are near the Sterrefyr, and others are close to the Dumnonian border. The commanders, usually devils or demons, occasionally use spells to transport their troops for great distances. Few of the militray units demonstrate any organization at all, which is one of the Cinnamarians' main failings.

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