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A "gazetteer" is a list of places and their descriptions. This gazetteer is dedicated to the planet of Centuria and the locations that your characters may use while playing there. If you want your character to visit a location that is not listed in the gazetteer or if you want to add a location to the list, contact L.A. Malcor at Legend@malcor.com. It's her world so she gets to approve all additions to her planet <g>. Anything marked with asterisks are creations for the game, although they may appear at some later time in L.A. Malcor's books. All unmarked locations are L.A. Malcor's creations that already exist in the novels.


Map of Centuria

The planet of Centuria rotates on a virtually vertical axis as it revolves around the star Solis. "Seasons" have a great deal more to do with where a traveler is in relation to the equator and to the major geographic features of a given region than with the planet's orientation to its sun. A rather large moon occasionally influences the natural weather patterns on the planet's surface, but these changes are insignificant when compared to the havoc the habitual use of magic has created within Centuria's various ecosystems. Three major continents comprise the bulk of the landmasses on Centuria: a double-continent system known as the Northern and the Southern Continent and an enormous, largely volcanic and jungle-covered mass referred to as the Other Continent. The oceans of Centuria are extensive and filled with monsters so evil and destructive that no known country practices trade by sea.

The Northern Continent

The Northern Continent

The Southern Continent

The Southern Continent

The Southern Continent was home to Krellos (the Kingdom of the Krills), Galantia (the Galantite homeland) and the original Elven Kingdom. It is remembered in legend as a fairy land of great beauty, but it also fell to the Dark One's Forces shortly after the start of the War. Farador, Elven King, led the surviving Krills and elves north to Daethia (DAY-thee-uh) across a land bridge between the Continents, but little else is mentioned about these lost homelands since the elven bards apparently find the subject too painful to sing about.

The Other Continent

The Other Continent

Little is known about the Other Continent, since it fell to the Dark One's Forces early in the War. The occasional travelers who stumble through a warp and find themselves in this nightmarish land generally dive back through the warp before it closes, thus returning with sketchy information at best.

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