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Character Development Materials

 Paks, Kits, Applications
Persona and NPC materials for Dragonlords of Dumnonia.
 Who's Who on Centuria
These are names that either appear in L.A. Malcor's stories about Centuria or that have been created by club members for use in Dragonlords.

Fun Stuff about Centuria

A description of the various types of Dragons on Centuria.
Indices of all the places on Centuria that are available for play and rosters of the characters who live there, maps, and much, much more.
 General Timeline
The General Timeline for Dragonlords of Dumnonia. Currently, the timeline only includes the events in L.A. Malcor's novels. Events from the lives of characters created by club members will be added soon. The full timelines for Dragonlords of Dumnonia are available to members.
A general explanation of the magic system for the world of Centuria.

Fun Stuff about Dumnonia

 Dumnonian Literature
Fictional literature (©1994/1995 L.A. Malcor) by or about Dumnonians.
A summary of the various types of animals found in Dumnonia.
A brief listing of all the various foods available in Dumnonia.
Want to know what the typical Dumnonian wears? Here's where to look!
 League of the Nations
Details on the League of the Nations: what it is and how it came to be.
Wondering what types of deities are worshiped by the creatures who live in this fantasy realm? Here's the listing of the known gods and goddesses of Centuria.
Curious about what your character is seeing while flying over Dumnonia, carrying "Eternal Death to the Dark One"? Here's where to look!

Fun Stuff at Dragonlords

Click here for a list of awards presented to Dragonlords and for information about awards offered by Dragonlords.
 Banner Exchange
Click here for information about Dragonlords' Banner Exchange program.
 Dragonlords of Dumnonia Official Webring

This webring is open to all members of Dragonlords.
 Dragonlords' Banner Exchange
Visit this page to find sites that have exchanged banners with Dragonlords. If you would like to exchange banners with us, follow the instructions on this page.
 Dragonlords' Bookstore

Books, videos and much, much more! Dragonlords hosts a bookstore where you can purchase works by L.A. Malcor, texts that can help you develop your characters, improve your writing and learn more about the ideas on which Dragonlords is based.
 Dragonlords' Chat List
Dragonlords hosts a chat list where you can talk directly with L.A. Malcor, discuss her works, or talk about anything else that is on your mind. The list is currently open to everyone. Please, keep it clean and behave like adults, or age and/or membership restrictions will have to be placed on the list.
 Dragonlords' Domestic Violence Page
This page provides resources and information about domestic violence, particularly in same-sex relationships.
 Dragonlords' Link Exchange
This Dragonlords page is dedicated to sites who have offered reciprocal links through our Internet Oasis program. If you would like to exchange links with us through this program, follow the instructions on this page.
 Gays and Religion
Looking for information about gays and religion? Here's a page of useful links.
Contact the Dragonlords, and let us know you were here!
Read past Dragonlords newsletters.
This is Dragonlords online writers' group. Visit this section for help with your writing, a list of fantasy magazines where you can submit your work, and much more!

Fun Stuff at Other Sites

Dragonlovers beware! This site is phenomenal! (Thanks for the dragon counter!)
BoingDragon Banner
 The Companion
An online fantasy guide to a variety of wonderful sites; a very classy page!
Is creating fantasy costumes your area of interest? If so, this site is definitely for you! Even if you just like looking, you'll enjoy this one. The site features resources for Historical, Science Fiction and Fantasy Costumes, including links to other sites where you can find pictures of the arms and armor your characters might use in Dragonlords and much more!
 Dancing Dragon Designs
One of the best online catalogs for dragon-related items, plus wonderful links to other dragon sites.
 Dragonmaid's Sanctuary
This is a very beautiful sight--with a sense of humor as well. If you enjoy adopting Dragons and such, this is definitely worth a visit!
 Dragon Weyr
This site contains links to the Dragon Weyr Bookstore, pictures of dragons, and other places of interest.
 Facing Costumes & Props
Need custom made sci-fi costumes and/or props? Check out this company!
This online directory features free web pages for non-profit fan clubs, free e-mail accounts, fan club listings, convention listings, chat rooms and more . . .
 Fandom Directory
This link takes you to the page with the Dragonlords of Dumnonia listing in the Fandom Directory. From here you can browse back to the main page of this marvelous resource.
 Garb the World
Historical fantasy and other costumes.
 Historical Figurines
Tin figurines featuring medieval, Egyptian, military, samourai, chess game and other types.
 Jase Wells's Rainbow Icon Archive
Looking for rainbow pride and related icons? Check out this marvelous archive!
[Rainbow Icon
 Legends of Fantasy
All sorts of goodies for the fantasy fan.
 Medieval Collectibles
This site offers a variety of medieval weapons, clothing and re-enactment accessories.

Medieval Collectibles Banner
 Phenomenal Women of the Web
L.A. Malcor is a member of Phenomenal Women of the Web and highly recommends this valuable website.
I Am A Proud Member Of:
The Official Phenomenal Women Of The Web Seal
Phenomenal Women Of The Web
  The Official Seal Of The Phenomenal Women Of The Web - Against Domestic Violence

 Queen's Own
The official website of the official Mercedes Lackey fan club! Hosted by Dragonlords.
 Science Fiction Book Club
Yet another place you can find Science Fiction and Fantasy books.
 SF Site: Role-Playing Games
Role-Playing Magazines, Convention Links, and all sorts of other fun stuff.
 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA)
Here's the homepage for the major Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Guild in the United States. Visit the homepages of major authors, view award lists, research membership requirements, and much more!
 Sleeping Dragon Hobbies
Here's a place you can purchase trading cards, samples of fantasy art by your favorite artists, games and much more.
 Snapdragon Gifts
Gifts to please any dragonlover, witty buttons, and much, much more!
 Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
Enjoy live-action role-playing set in the medieval or Renaissance period? Check out these folks!
For those of you who are fans of the character of the White Wolf, here's a wonderful site where you can learn more about real wolves.
Click here to visit Jo's World,<br> the source of this
This creative page contains lots of things of interest to any Dragon lover--and a few surprises that have nothing to do with Dragons.

Fantasy Art at Other Sites

 Rosenthal Art
I own a faboulous etching of "Merlin Guiding Arthur" by Rosey Rosenthal. I highly recommend his work.
 Fantasy Art and Illustration of Alan Rabinowitz Illustration
Commercial illustration, portraiture, fantasy art and more!
 Dragon Realm Studios

Dragon Realm Studios
Posters and much more! Their poseable dragons, which can ride on your shoulder, come in a variety of styles and color combinations.

 Toadstool Farm Art
Fairies and other fanciful delights.
 Michael Whelan's Website
This link will take you to Michael Whelan's page where you will find his marvelous works of art.
 Robin Wood's Home Page
Here's a link to Robin Wood's home page. You can view some of her art from People of Pern as well as many of her other beautiful works.

If you have a link you would like to see added to this page, send it to the Dragonking via the Dragonlords message page. If the Dragonking thinks the link would be of interest to club members who visit this page, it will be added as soon as possible <g>.

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