The King's Camp


Tphah (as a Priestess of the Mother), Shashtah and Kashon


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The King's Camp is located within a few candlescars' walk of the Valley of Ancients. This is the heart of Dumnonia and where many of the RP Sessions take place. All major feasts, Bonding feasts, Dragonlord installations, and other important activities for the Dumnonians occur in this camp. The centuries take turns serving guard duty in the King's Camp, with each century pulling duty one rotation out of every three. All centuries are presumed to be in attendance at the King's Camp during the Feast of the Mother.

The King's

The King's Camp

The camp is formed around the Festival Tent, which is large enough to contain about four centuries worth of people during a feast. Nearby is the King's Tent, where the Dumnonian monarch lives and holds court. The entrance to the underground vault that contains the Tribal Hoard lies beneath the tent directly west of the King's Tent. The Tribal Cistern, the water supply for the King's Camp, is sheltered by the tent directly east of the King's Tent.

To the west, and within easy walking distance of the King's Tent, are the tents that house the Hatchlings. The first tent is for the newly Hatched, the second tent for one-year-olds, the third for two-year-olds, the fourth for three-year-olds, the fifth for four-year-olds, and the sixth for five-year-olds. Hatchlings serve as squires to the monarch and live in the King's Tent during the last rotation before they become Fledglings.

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To the south of the King's Tent and Festival Tent are the rows and columns of tents that house the rotating centuries on duty in the Camp. There are three main divisions, each marked by a Dragonlord's tent, which is about a fourth the size of the King's Tent but still palatial in its dimensions. Each section contains tents for 100 Bonded Pairs. These tents are small in comparison to the Dragonlord's tent, but they can still contain a Rider mounted on a Dragon--an important safety precaution in the event a nightmare or something else causes the Dragon to accidentally shapeshift to his or her trueform. The Riders and Dragons live in these tents with their families. A wooden throne-like couch occupies the center of each tent. A qahffah service for guests is positioned near the tent flap so the Rider may offer hospitality to visitors. Cushions piled atop rugs are provided for guests to sit on. The part of the tent behind the throne serves as the family's living space. It usually contains little more than a few pillows and backpacks, although some families prefer to sleep on cots.

To the east of the King's Tent is the complex that houses the King's Camp Century and the tents for the support personnel. The King's Camp Century has tents like those for the rotating centuries. Support personnel and their families live in much smaller tents since their homes are unlikely to ever have to contain a Dragon.

To the north of the King's Tent is the bulk of the Camp. Here the different guilders live in enclaves, with the Healers positioned close to the edge of Camp on the east side for easy access from the Valley of Ancients. Sections at the edge of Camp are also set aside for Caravans that are in residence. Camel and horse races frequently take place north of the Camp.

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The King's Camp is surrounded by dunes, and large feasts, such as the Feast of the Mother or of the War Goddess, are held out on these dunes so that everyone who wishes to do so may attend.

It is forbidden for a Dragon to enter the King's Camp in anything other than his or her humanform.

King's Camp Roster

The King's Camp Century Roster

In addition to the rotating guards, a special century guards the King's Camp. This century does not rotate and is entrusted with the protection of the King's Camp, the Valley of Ancients and other sites that are particularly important to the Dumnonian people. For details on how to become a member of the King's Camp Century, see the Dragonrider Kit.

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