Corin's Tomb

When the Great Wizard Corin of Daethia died in a Battle of Mages, the Dumnonian Bronzes are said to have brought his body to the Valley of Ancients and laid it in this sacred Tomb. The Council of Ancients guards the entrance, and only the Dumnonian monarch can open the gilded bronze doors that seal the entrance.

Pairs who desire to Bond must enter the Tomb and survive a test that is designed for them by Corin's shade, which is said to reside within the Tomb. This test is said to be different for every Pair that enters, something created to forge a Bond between the specific Dragon and Rider that will last until the Bond is severed by death or by Council Magic.

Most people report that the Tomb, like the Elven Kingdom, is far bigger on the inside than on the outside. Other than that, the descriptions never match. Some say that the bronze doors open onto an outdoor setting in another dimension. Others say that the place is an underground maze, full of enemies and traps. The variations are as diverse as the shades of color in a rainbow, something for every possible combination.

Dumnonian Rulers, who are chosen by the Dragons, are sent into the Tomb to receive their powers directly from Corin himself. The details of the spells used in the service is a closely guarded secret.

Some problems have occurred of late, instances where a breach has been created that links Corin's burial chamber with the Dark One's chamber inside Mount Cinnamar. But Shashtah and the Council of Ancients have assured the Dumnonians that they have everything under control.

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