Ahithophel's Base Camp

Ahithophel, who prefers to be called "Will", used to be chief aide to Shashtah back when the Dragonheart was a lowly Dragonlord. Will has a son with his Dragon, Lahshah. Will could have been sentenced to death for getting Lahshah pregnant against her will while she was UnBonded (trapping her in humanform for twenty-five years), but circumstances enabled him to be granted a pardon. They raised their son, Rat, in the White Wolf's Magic Room. Upon leaving the room, Dumnonia's desperate need for new Bond Partners enabled Will to Bond with his beloved Lahshah. Will became interim Dragonlord of Salene's century when she went missing after the Battle at the King's Camp. Upon Salene's return, Will challenged her for the Dragonlordship. Salene's Dragon, Bahktarah, threw the fight because he knew his Rider was no longer competant to command a century. Will has proved to be as able a Dragonlord as he was a Camp Aide.

Will's century is comprised mainly of Bonded Pairs from the Magic Room, who have special needs that traditional Dumnonian Dragonlords might not understand.

Base Camp Roster

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