*Talon's Base Camp*

Adjunct Club Camp

This century used to belong to Dragonlord Morgain, who was killed--along with her preferred mate, Mannann--in battle 17.10.1995. Saraun wanted the position, but the century chose Gavain to replace Morgain.

Then on 18.08.1998 Talon defeated Lord Gavain and took command of the century. Talon is a brand new Dragonlord but an excellent fighter. He promises to be a fine Dragonlord.

Talon's Century

Dragonrider Tents for Talon's Century

The heart of the base camp is the Dragonrider Tent complex. Support personnel, caravaneers and other folk pitch their tents wherever terrain allows around this main unit.

Base Camp Roster

(Tent assignments are in parentheses. The first number is the row; the second number indicates the column.)

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