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(Revised 7/12/00)

So you've written a story, but you don't know where to sell it? Here are some places where you can submit your work.

 Adventure Zine
This magazine takes art and puzzles as well as stories.
An Australian fantasy and science fiction magazine; they prefer submissions from Australian authors or of stories set in Australia.
Heavy emphasis on the connection between fantasy and gaming in this magazine.
 Dragon Soup Webzine
Takes fantasy, sci-fi, horror and some nonfiction pieces.

Dragon Soup

Accepting new writing in any genre. No pay. There will also be a magazine published quarterly in coperation with Emerge and each issue will cost $6.50. (No contributor copies.)
 EOS Online: Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy
No pay for this one yet, but they are working on it. Plus, they offer links to other markets.
 Eternity Magazine

An online journal of the speculative imagination.
(Need we say more <g>?)
 E-Zine Index
Nerd World Media compiled this index of electronic 'zines dedicated to science fiction.
This E-zine specializes in stories about faeries. No pay.
 Fog Fire
Fog Fire is particularly interested in works by new writers.
 Gerl Publishing
The press takes science fiction, fantasy and poetry. Bindings are self-publishing style, spiral books. Negotiate with the press regarding fees and royalties. Gerl Publishing describes their service as "like making chapbooks for people."
 Kimota Magazine
Currently distributed offline, but considering an online version.
 Millennium Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine
Specializing in Outer Limits and Twilight Zone type stories, this magazine is a good way for new writers to break in.
 Odyssey: A Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy
UK based, this magazine pays for "first English Language serial rights plus an option on reprints."
 On Spec
One of the most highly acclaimed magazines in Canada for science fiction, fantasy, horror, magic realism, ghost stories and more!
Emphasis is on story rather than special effects for this publication. They accept both science fiction and fantasy.
 Planet Magazine
Planet Magazine is non-paying, but it does provide a place for new authors to publish their work
 SF Zines Ring Memberlist
The memberlist for the SF Zines Webring can take you to dozens of science fiction and fantasy fanzines and commercial zines where you can market your work.
 Stirring: A Literary Collection
Stirring is a new publication that is not yet offering pay.
Supernova features works by authors from all over the world.
 Writing Contests
This site features The Ultimate Book of Writing Contests, tips about entering contests and more.


Most of these don't pay, but they do take nonfiction articles.

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