The Dragonlords of Dumnonia

Dragonrider Report Kit

(Revised 6/15/01)

So you have a status character who needs to fill out a report. What to do?

Well, here is a sample report for a Dragonlord:

Brett's Base Camp Report
by L.A. Malcor (Dragonlord Brett)

Current Century Members are:

Century name:  Brett's  (Main)
     Dragonlord:  Brett (
     Exercise Master: Krin (
     Chief Camp Aide: [NAME] ([ACCOUNT]) 
     Bonded Pair 1: Jilian; Fiona (
     Bonded Pair 2: Rider; Dragon (Account Name)

[Continue list]
There are openings for 93 Bonded Pairs.

Since the last report, the following major events have happened:

[Date] [Event]

[Continue List]

Respectfully submitted,

Lord Brett

To compile a report:

  1. Contact your Bond Partners. If you have any questions about whom you should contact, message Lady Zara at or check the appropriate page on the Centuria Gazetteer portion of the website.

    Here is a sample message:

    Greetings Rider [NUMBER] [NAME]!
    My base camp report is due.  Have any major events (injuries, deaths, births,
    leaves of absence and the like) in your life that have effected your ability to serve in
    my wing and/or should appear in this report as being of general interest to people
    writing stories for a Dragonlords fanzine occurred since [DATE OF LAST REPORT]?

    (You might want to assign one of your underlings the task of sending out these messages. That person can then forward the replies to you for your report.)

  2. When you receive the answers, put the information on your reports. If you have any questions regarding reports, contact Lady Zara at

  3. Your completed report should be sent to your fanzine text editor, Lady Zara, at

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