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(Revised 1/14/02)

Shashtah and Tphah

Shashtah Astride Tphah


L.A. Malcor

Becoming a Dragonrider

There are two types of Dragonrider you can create in Dragonlords of Dumnonia. The first is a Dumnonian character who rides a Bronze. The second is a Daethian, Dumnonian, Elven, Half-Elven or Rashtarian character who rides a mutant. Krills and Galantites are too small to ride Dragons, and giants and other fanciful humanoids won't fit properly between the Dragons' neck- and backridges.

The Dumnonian Bronze

Only the Dumnonian Ruler has the power to create a Bond between a Dumnonian Bronze and a Rider. There is an extremely small number of Bronzes in a very special group who were Bonded to non-Dumnonians. If you want your character to be part of this group, you need special permission from the BOD of your base camp. Otherwise, we'll presume that you want a normal Dragonrider.

Dragonrider in Training

"Dragonrider in Training"
L.A. Malcor

To become a Dragonrider you must:

  1. Be a full-blooded Dumnonian. No other race can survive the Training that the Bonded Pair must undergo before joining a Dragonlord's century. (Non-Dumnonians may Bond with Mutants or with Permanently Shapeshifted Bronzes.)
  2. Be a full Warrior. That means you are at least thirty years of age and are most likely older.
  3. Complete ten solo missions into Mount Cinnamar in the name of the Dumnonian Ruler. After each mission, you must return to the King's Camp and present the ruler with some tangible proof of the great deeds you have done in his name (usually a bit of fancy treasure, a wondrous magical object, or something like that will suffice). The Ruler has the power to refuse to count your mission, so most people make this proof something pretty special.

Completing the tenth mission, known as the Dragonquest, earns you the right either to request a warband or to be Bonded with a Dumnonian Bronze. The Ruler may refuse to grant that request as well.

You may start play as either a Rider who has already been Bonded to a Dragon for some time, a would-be-Rider who is about to Bond with a Dragon or a would-be-Rider who is still trying to earn the right to Bond. Let's take a look at these options in reverse order.




L.A. Malcor

Applying for Quest

To undertake a Quest, message Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com and ask for an Application for Quest. Fill out the application and return it to the BOD for your base camp. If your application is approved, you may undertake your Quest. Remember that your character will not be available for Role-Playing (RPing) in group events while you are on a mission. When you complete your Dragonquest, you may ask for the Application for Bonding/Band. If you are a Dumnonian or non-Dumnonian who wants to Bond with a Permanently Shapeshifted Bronze, you must fulfill these Quests. If you are a Dumnonian or non-Dumnonian who wants to Bond with a Mutant, you do not have to undertake these Quests.

Applying for Bonding/Band

If you want your character to Bond with a Dragon or to acquire a warband, you need to message Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com and ask for an Application for Bonding/Band. Fill out the application and return it to the BOD for your base camp. If the BOD approves your request, you will be notified when you will be allowed to Bond or when you will receive your warband. After your character Bonds a dragon, fill out the Dragonrider Kit and add it to your approved Persona form.

Theoretically, the Dumnonian Ruler chooses your Dragon or your warband for you. We are writing fiction, however, so you will be asked to submit sheets for these characters prior to the approval of your application. These characters must be approved before you will be allowed to Bond or receive the band.

As many Bondings as possible will take place online at RP events, since they make for a great subplot and a wonderful excuse for a feast! The details of your adventures in Corin's Tomb are left for you to complete in a story for the 'zine, but the ceremony will be incorporated into the RP session. If you can't make the RP sessions, it's still possible for you to Bond offline (although your BOD may ask for permission to run your character for an online event so they can have the feast <g>).


You can enter with an existing dragon.

To backdate a Dragon, you need to select a Dragon from an existing clutch. Give your BOD the details of what you want, as asked for on the Application for Bonding/Band, and they'll tell you if that's available. The age categories for Bronzes who are permitted to Bond are:

Dragons over 1000 years old are referred to as "Honored Ancients." Most of them do not Bond. The eight eldest of these Dragons serve on the Council of Ancients. These eight Dragons and their Riders are special characters reserved for L.A. Malcor.

Bonding with a Permanently Shapeshifted Dragon

There are a few Bronzes who started out their lives as something else. Perhaps a sandhog or a pocket rat. Maybe even a Krill. Through magic and a bit of divine intervention, these creatures were forced to shapeshift permanently out of their natural form and into the shape of a Bronze Dragon. These Bronzes are like True Bronzes in every respect, except they preserve a portion of the mindset of whatever creature they originally were and they have not had the extensive Training that True Bronzes must undergo. Such Dragons are considered too dangerous to allow to fly with a desert century. But if you Bond with such a Dragon, you can either raid Mount Cinnamar on your own, sign on to fly cover for a caravan, fly with a Rashtaran century, fly with an Other Continent century, or find some other way to earn your keep. Because these Dragons are not True Bronzes, non-Dumnonians are allowed to Bond with them.

Bronze in Training

Bronze with Rider Under Wing


L.A. Malcor

Bonding with a Mutant

There are two types of mutants. The first is from the group that has been subjected to shield spells, time magic spells, and a lot of other complications most people don't want to think about. The second is those eggs that are currently being laid near the Valley of Ancients. The mutants in the first group are only available for new characters, but they may Bond with non-Dumnonians and non-Warriors. The mutants in the second group are available to any non-Dumnonian Warrior who completes a Dragonquest. Characters who are Bonded to mutants must reside in Rashtar until their dragons are Trained, which will be in a year or more. So you might want to think twice about asking for a mutant.

If you really have your heart set on one of these unfortunate critters, however, your Bonding was at random with whatever happened to hatch next to you. To figure out what colors got combined for your particular Hatchling, first roll one ten-sided die to figure out how many colors are present. Each color has its own characteristics and breath weapons as discussed in "Details on Dragons". A mutant possesses all the breath weapons for the colors that go into making up its hide, so be careful!

Next roll once on the following charts using an eight-sided die. (If you get the Roll Twice option, ignore duplicate results.)

Chart 1: Metal Dragons

  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Iron
  4. Steel
  5. Copper
  6. Brass
  7. Bronze
  8. Roll twice, ignoring this result

Subtract the number of metals from your total number, and roll for the remaining colors on this chart:

Chart 2: Color Dragons

  1. White
  2. Red
  3. Orange
  4. Yellow
  5. Green
  6. Blue
  7. Violet
  8. Black

Terry rolled a six on a d10, so her dragon will have six colors. She rolled an eight, so she'll have two metals. She rolled on the metal table two more times, rolling a 3 and a 6. So the metals in her dragon are iron and brass. She subtracts two from her total of six, so she needs to roll four times on the color table. She rolls a 1, 5, 2, 8, and 4: white, green, red, and black. Her dragon is a mutant with a hide that is a combination of iron, brass, white, green, red and black--sort of a muddy dark brown. The creature breathes a silvery bolt of magical light, a blast of sound, bright light, a poisonous scent, cold, a poisonous gas, fire and acid. The odds are real good that this Hatchling got the hiccups on the way to Rashtar, breathed poison at Terry's character, and killed the poor Rider before she got a chance to Train. Terry might want to try again. Or she might to decide that her chosen god looked favorably upon her and managed to keep both her and the monstrosity alive on the journey and that they are now both in Training under the watchful eyes of some very nervous and skeptical Dumnonian Dragonteachers . . .
If you have any questions about determining mutant dragons, ask your BOD! They'll be happy to help you.


All that said, here is a brief explanation of the fields that need to be filled in if you want your character to be a dragonrider:

*PLAYER'S NAME (Mandatory)

This is you, so we know which sheet to attach this kit to.


This is your online address, so we know where to send information about this character. Any form submitted without a valid e-mail address will be deleted without being read.


Which character would you like to be a dragonrider? (This name needs to match the one on your main persona or NPC sheet.)

*DRAGON'S NAME (Mandatory)

What is your Dragon's name? Bronzes have names much like those of Dumnonians. Mutants usually have names that are a combination of two nouns, like Flametongue, but any name will suffice as long as it isn't on the No-No list <g>.


Does your Dragon have a name that your Rider doesn't have a prayer of pronouncing? Does your Rider have an affectionate term for his Dragon? Has your Dragon acquired an epithet in the course of a long life? This is the slot for anything your Dragon might be called that isn't his or her given name.

*SEX (Mandatory)

You must choose Male or Female only. Other options are not available at this time.

*COLOR (Mandatory)

What color is your dragon? Bronze? Or is your Dragon a mutant? (See the Details on Dragons manual for means of determining the colors in a mutant's hide.

*AGE (Mandatory)

How old is your dragon? The possible ages for a Bondable Dragon are:

Honored Ancients are not available for Bonding to player characters.

*RELIGION (Mandatory)

Yes, your Dragon can follow a religion. No, it doesn't have to be the same as yours. Dragons are people, too <g>. For your choices, see Shane of Corin's comments on the Religions of Centuria.

*DRAGONLORD (Mandatory)

Who's century do you want to serve in? Choices for personae are:

Non-player characters (NPCs) who ride True Bronzes may serve in any of these three camps or may choose one of the other known Dumnonian camps:

NPCs may also serve in any of the centuries open to personae.

There is a special rank among Dragonriders called "King's Camp Rider." This is for members of the King's Camp Century, Dumnonia's equivalent of Daethia's Kyondoca. The century serves under the Commander of the King's Camp and has no base camp of its own. The sole duty of the century is to protect the King's Camp, the Tribal Cistern, the Tribal Hoard, the Hatchlings, the Valley of Ancients (including the nests of the Dumnonian Bronzes) and the Anvil, where all Dragonriders train. The century does not rotate up to the front line. Members are appointed to the century on the recommendation of their Dragonlord. The Pair serves for one year. At the end of the year, the Pair may leave the King's Camp century and return to its old century. Or the Pair may continue to serve in the King's Camp century. Each Main Base Camp has five of these posts it's allowed to fill. The posts will be initially filled by BOD approval. Vacancies will also be filled by BOD approval. Members of other centuries who are not members of the King's Camp Century, may challenge King's Camp Riders for their post by filing the Application for Challenge Fight. The same rules apply as in a Challenge Fight for a Dragonlordship. The Camp Commander's post is appointed by the Dragonking; no one may challenge him. Special posts within the King's Camp Century, such as Dragontrainer, are not subject to Challenge, either.

*SIZE (Mandatory)

Is your dragon of average size? Large? Small?

The approved sizes (given in feet) for the various age categories are as follows:

Bronze Dragon Size Chart

Category Maximum Length Maximum Wingspan Average Length Average Wingspan Minimum Length Minimum Wingspan
Newly Hatched 9 18 8 16 7 14
Hatchling 18 36 16 32 14 28
Fledgling 35 70 32 64 29 58
Stripling 53 106 48 96 43 86
Young Adult 73 146 66 132 59 118
Adult 92 184 84 168 76 152
Elder 136 272 124 248 112 224
Honored Elder 156 312 142 284 128 256
Ancient 178 356 162 324 146 292
Honored Ancient 202 404 184 368 166 332

 Click here for visual images of these size differences.

Remember, those length figures are accounted for by 1/3 neck, 1/3 body, and 1/3 tail and they are for the end of the growth period. So the body of a small, newly Hatched Bronze is 2'4" long.

For other colors of dragons, adjust these figures according to the following chart:

Other Dragon Size Chart

Dragon Type Adjustment
Galantite +20%
Gold +15%
Silver +10%
Iron +5%
Steel -5%
Copper -10%
Brass -15%
White -55%
Red -20%
Orange -40%
Yellow -45%
Green -50%
Blue -35%
Violet -30%
Black -25%
Mutant -60%

*DATE BONDED (Mandatory)

Tell Dragonrider Ryn (dragonfodder@gmail.com) how old your dragon is now. She'll check to see if anyone has already created a clutch for the appropriate time period. If there is a clutch, she will mark the egg as taken. If no clutch exists, guess who gets to make one up <:g>:. She will send you the instructions for how to generate a clutch and the names of Breeding Males and Breeding Females who are of an appropriate age to have generated the clutch. You choose a pair and a date and send them back to her at (dragonfodder@gmail.com).


Ask Dragonrider Ryn (dragonfodder@gmail.com) if you don't know. Again, she'll let you know if someone has created a pair yet or if you get to use your imagination <g>.


What does your Dragon look like in dragonform? Bronzes run the entire spectrum of the color. For mutants, see the Details on Dragons manual.


"Dragon in the Eyes"


L.A. Malcor

What does your dragon look like in humanform? Dumnonian bronzes will have black hair and amber eyes, with a bronzed complexion. But what about all that other stuff on the basic character sheet? Hairstyle? Build? Preferred style of dress? Remember, mutants are currently not allowed to shapeshift.


What is your dragon's main character trait? Is he cocky? Is she a goofball?


For the basic abilities of the Dumnonian Bronze or a mutant, see Details on Dragons.

But beyond that, can your dragon do anything special? Does your dragon have amazing speed? Extra endurance? Special maneuverability? Or did you Bond a dragon who prefers to be lazy? Who tires easily? Who deserves the "Clutz of the Millennium" award?

If your Dragon has acquired a profession, such as Priest or Caravaneer, this is where you tell us about it. Make sure you include any necessary kits at the end of this form.

If your Dragon is a mutant, this is where you want to list his/her breath weapons.


This is how well your dragon gets along with humans and other critters. Does he eat your songbirds? Is she shy around Riders who have high ranks?


Is your Dragon a Breeding Male or Breeding Female? Or is your Bronze infertile (by nature or by choice)? (All mutants are mules.)



The BOD needs to approve the death of any Dragonrider or Dragon. Also, let the BOD know if you want someone to die "live" at one of our online events so we can plan for that storyline. Notify your Dragonlord/Major Noble/Guildmaster or other governing character if someone close to the Dragonrider dies. You will find this name on the appropriate Roster in the Centuria Gazetteer.


In the course of time, a female Dragonrider may wish to become pregnant. This poses certain problems since we are fighting a war. If a female Dragonrider wishes to become pregnant, the player must petition the BOD for permission so they have warning that this storyline is going to occur. Your character must be a Breeding Female and must continue on active duty for the duration of her pregnancy, see a Healer immediately after the birth, and return to active duty at once. The baby must be fostered: The front line is no place for an infant. The physical hardship that this involves makes most Breeding Females who Bond with a Dragon extremely reluctant to become pregnant except by the direct command of their Ruler, and many choose to have themselves rendered sterile.


If you are a status persona who needs to write a report, message Lady Zara at amberfocus@hotmail.com for the Dragonrider Report Kit.

Materials You May Request:


 Click here for the form.

You will be notified of required changes and/or approval.

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