Herald List

(Revised 4/10/03)

This is a list of characters who have been reincarnated in Misty's Valdemar series. The basic list was taken from my Heralds and Companions list, and The Vanyel Fan Club has been helpling to add to it.

The codes that follow the names tell which book or story mentions the character. The codes are:

AFa Arrow's Fall SB Storm Breaking
AFl Arrow's Flight SI Sword of Ice: And Other Tales of Valdemar
AQ Arrows of the Queen SG The Silver Gryphon
BG The Black Gryphon SR Storm Rising
BS By the Sword SS "Stolen Silver" (a short story about Alberich)
MPa Magic's Pawn SW Storm Warning
MPri Magic's Price WC Winds of Change
MPro Magic's Promise WFa Winds of Fate
Obo The Oathbound WFu Winds of Fury
Obl Oathblood WG The White Gryphon
Obr Oathbreakers    
OF Owlflight    

* = Grove-Born Companion

If you spot any glitches or if you have information you'd like me to add (such a new "match" you've spotted or information about where you can find listed pairs), message me at Legend@malcor.com

Reincarnation List

Here are the reincarnated characters of Valdemar and environs.

First Incarnation Second Incarnation
Captain Idra (Obo, Obr) Companion Idry (Has not Chosen yet.) (SR)
(?) Companion Eren (Treven's Companion) (MPri) Herald Keren (AFa, AFl, AQ, SR, WFa)
Herald Jaysen (MPa, MPri, MPro) Jasan (Darenthallis's Companion) (AFa, AFl, BS, SB, SI, SR, SW, WC, WFa, WFu)
(?) Herald Sofya (MPro) Sofi (Destria's Companion) (AFa, AFl, AQ)
Herald Savil (MPa, MPri, MPro, SI, WC, WFu) Sayvil (Kerowyn's Companion) (BS, SB, SI, SR, SW, WC, WFa, WFu)
Herald Tantras (MPa, MPri, MPro) Tantris (Kris's Companion) (AFa, AFl, AQ, WFa)
(?) Herald Tashir (MPri, MPro) Florian (Has not yet Chosen.) (SB, SR, SW)
(?) Herald Treven (MPri) Herald Teren (AFa, AFl, AQ, SW, WFa, WFu)
Herald Tylendel (MPa, MPri, MPro, WFa) Bard Stefen (AFl, AQ, SB, SI, SR, WC, WFa, WFu)

I put question marks after the pairs that I'm uncertain about. They may or may not be reincarnations. If you know, please tell me!

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