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Tor (TOHR), the capitol city of Daethia, formerly known as the City of Corin (KOHR-in) and the site of the great School of Wizards, guards the Pass through the mountains to Rashtar. The former School serves as Lady Miranda's palace. Lady Miranda, who is also known as "The Great Wizard," rules Daethia with her consort, Quatar, the Commander of the Kyondoca.

Tor sits atop a "mountain" (a large hill, really) that legend says Corin called from the depths of the earth. Flat farming land, rather than hills, surrounds the city. Massive stone walls surround the top of the hill. The city gates are of wood (enhanced with a a variety of magic spells). The gates are generally closed an candlescar or two after sundown--a bit of Daethian bravado in the face of the nightly skirmishes against the forces of the Dark One. Most of the battles take place on the front line, but occasionally the Dark One's troops penetrate all the way to Tor itself. (The Cinnamarians are still a bit miffed about Criton expelling them after the Great Wizard, Shane of Corin, was killed during their attempt to take the city about two thousand years ago. They are even more miffed now that Ailan has raised Shane from the dead <g>.)

The streets of Tor are of cobblestones. Temples line the city walls, with the Temple of the Light nearest the main gates. The main job of the temples is to care for the orphans of the Kyondoca. All Guilds are represented here, and many inns provide housing for pilgrims and other visitors.

An inner wall and a second gate seal off the center of the city. This is where the Palace and its outbuildings are located. The quarters for the Kyondoca are here as well.

Tor is perhaps best known for its ridiculously inflated prices, one of the most unfortunate consequences of the seemingly eternal War. Some rather unconventional trade with Dumnonia (goods for orphans) has helped slightly, but the problem persists.

Tor City Roster

Kyondoca Roster

  • Commander of the Kyondoca: Quatar (Peri) (LAM)
  • Chief Supply Officer: Sol (LAM)

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