Krillion (KRILL-ee-uhn), the City of Thieves, lies north of the Ripon in one of Daethia's three fertile farm belts. This city is named for the Krills who took refuge there after the Forces of the Dark One destroyed their own homeland. The current ruler is Crown Prince Treigo.

The city of Krillion is packed with people, most of them diminutive Krills. Mercenaries, mainly half-elves, use the city as their headquarters as well. Shops line the walls. Unlike Tor and market stalls at most castles, the Guilders in Krillion do not group together in specific locations. Some live outside the city walls in cottages and come into the city to ply their trades. Others live in the back of their stalls.

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Krillion does not have a separate temple for each religion. Instead, all religions share the single chapel.

The center of life in Krillion is the enormous main tavern, where a where traveler can find a good meal for a fair price.

Most of the inhabitants of Krillion, including Crown Prince Triego, actually sleep in the Common Lodging. Cots are a copper a piece, unless the traveler cannot afford even that (in which case Triego will foot the bill).

In spite of the names of some of the thoroughfares (Assassins Lane, Thieves Row), a traveler is probably safer in Krillion than in Tor. Prices in Krillion are often far lower than anywhere else, but anyone entering the city can expect to be missing roughly ten percent of his wealth upon leaving--the "tithe" the city's inhabitants think they deserve for protecting their visitors.

Krillion is a major stop for caravans, and at least one is usually trading with the city at all times, their camels on the plains near the end of the ramp that leads to the main gate.

Dragonriders on leave tend to frequent the city as well, since Treigo does not tolerate any prejudice within his walls.

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