Approved Clubs

(Revised 1/15/02)

All Dragonlords of Dumnonia clubs agree to abide by these rules in addition to the Basic Rules. Any club who fails to follow these rules will have its charter revoked.

(1) Basic Rules

All members must follow the Basic Rules, under which the club was granted its charter. Violation of any of these rules will result in the immediate removal of the player from the club.

(2) Age Restriction

Dragonlords of Dumnonia is an online fan club. Because of the adult nature of the scenario (a War between Good and Evil), the harsh nature of some Middle Eastern- and medieval-style laws that are portrayed in several of the cultures, and the sexual aspect of the worship of the fertility goddess, one of the primary religions in this fantasy universe, the clubs have voluntarily given themselves an R rating. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to join without written permission from a parent or legal guardian. There is absolutely no pornography or graphic violence allowed.

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(3) The Message Page

Major events in the life of the base camp, such as Bonding Feasts and holiday celebrations, will be held as "chats" in a private room online. There is absolutely no RPing allowed on the club message page. Violation of this rule will be grounds for dismissal from the base camp. What constitutes RPing is any actions-words flanked by ::double colons::--or bespeaking a dragon or rider--words inside {{curly brackets}} or <<French quotes>> or [[square brackets]] or (parentheses) or flanked by :single colons:--or even talking between two characters because that is storytelling, and we are not allowed (under the rules of our benefactress) to tell stories in public.

(4) The Fanzine

Our fanzine will be e-mailed several times per year only to members who maintain a persona. Do not redistribute the fanzine to "lurkers" or to non-members. This is a violation of copyright law. You may not publish a story in the club fanzine unless you obtain permission from L.A. Malcor. This includes sending a signed release form to her as detailed in the Submission Guidelines. Permission to write for the Dragonlords of Dumnonia universe is granted for publication in the Dragonlords of Dumnonia fanzines only. You may not publish these stories anywhere else.

(5) The Newsletter

Our newsletters will be coded and posted to the website unless it becomes necessary to start publishing private material in these documents. It this system doesn't work, we'll return to publishing the newsletters in private as we do with the fanzines.

(6) Participation

If we do not have contact from a player for a reasonable amount of time, the BOD will take over that person's characters as BOD-RUN Non-Player Characters (NPCs) until we hear from the player about his/her wishes in the matter. Such players will be notified by e-mail of our intent to take over their characters. While the characters are at NPC status, all NPC restrictions as listed in the NPC Pak will apply. If the player returns within one year, the characters will be returned upon request. If the player is still in absentia at the end of the year, the characters will become BOD property and may be killed, offered for adoption or otherwise disposed of at the discretion of the BOD.

Chartered Base Camps

These are the currently chartered Dragonlords of Dumnonia base camps. No other base camps are authorized:

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