Dragonlords' Chat List

(Revised 4/22/05)

Welcome to the Dragonlords' Chat List! This list was created to provide a forum for people to discuss L.A. Malcor's works with her and with each other (or to talk about anything else that is on their mind.

The list is currently unmoderated, which means what you type is what people see. Be polite and keep it clean! If there's a problem, the list will become moderated. If that takes too much time, the list will be restricted only to people over 18 and/or people who are members of Dragonlords.

The list rules are:

  1. No posting of fiction (or of anything else that violates copyright).

  2. No profanity or other types of offensive statements.

  3. Try to keep your posts to a minimum (say, three times per day). I may have to go more in order to respond to everyone, but I'll "braid" (that is, respond to several messages in each post) whenever possible (and I expect you to do the same; if you can't, message me to let me know what the problem is.

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