Writing Resources

 2004 Writer's Market
The best listing of potential markets available. This resource also includes essays about writing, interviews with publishers, and other essential information.

 2004 Writer's Market Online (Writer's Market Online, 2004)
This is an absolutely fabulous resource for writers.

 Christian Writers' Market Guide 2004
This is an excellent place to look for ideas about where to publish writings related to the Christian religion.

 The Erotic Writer's Market Guide
For some reason, a lot of beginning writers try their hand at erotica at one point or another. This book has some great ideas about where to publish some of that material.

 2004 Poet's Market: 1,800 + Places to Publish Your Poetry (Poet's Market, 2004)
Poetry is probably the hardest form of writing to publish, but if you are going to try, this is a book that you absolutely should consult.

 The Writer's Guide to Fantasy Literature: From Dragons Lair to Hero Quest
This is quite possibly the best "How to" book I've ever read on writing fiction in general. It is definitely the best book I've ever read about writing fantasy fiction.

 2004 Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market (Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market, 2004)
This is a specialized version of Writer's Market for children's writers and illustrators.

 2004 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market (Novel & Short Story Writer's Market, 2004)
This is a specialized version of Writer's Market for novelists and short story writers.

 2000 Song Writer's Market
This is a specialized version of Writer's Market for songwriters.

 The Canadian Writer's Market
Market information for people who wish to publish in Canada.

 Elements of Style
This thin volume is a grammar reference that no writer should be without.

 How to Get Happily Published
Judith Appelbaum's popular book is now in its fifth edition!

 How to Write and Sell Historical Fiction
Persia Woolley, the author of several fine Arthurian novels, imparts her secrets for telling a good story in a pseudo-historical setting.

 Writing the Novel: From Plot to Print
Lawrence Block's comprehensive overview of the publishing process.

 Writing Screenplays That Sell
One of the best "how to" books for screenwriting on the market. Author Michael Hague uses developed this text from his seminar by the same name.


Want to create or maintain your own website? Try these books for help.

 HTML: The Definitive Guide (Nutshell Handbook; 3rd edition)
This is the only webdesign book I used while creating Dragonlords; concise and easy to understand, it's a great reference work as well.
 Paperback (2nd edition)

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