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Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica is an absolutely fabulous science fiction series, which aired for one season in 1978. Six additional shows, of lesser quality, called Galactica 1980 aired in 1980, minus the cast members and most of the other elements that made the show great.

Novels by Richard Hatch and Christopher Golden

Recently, Richard Hatch, who played Captain Apollo in the original series, has been trying to revive the show. To this end, he has written two Battlestar novels (A third is slated to be released in 1999.).

 Battlestar Galactica: Armageddon
Hatch and Golden pick up the story eighteen years after the story in the original series left off. Commander Adama dies and the fleet must choose between Athena and Apollo as his successor while battling the Cylons and Count Iblis.

 Battlestar Galactica: Warhawk
The search for Earth continues.

Other Battlestar Galactica Books

A variety of Battlestar Galactica stories have been written by fans of the series. The following stories and reference sources are ones that have been published and are currently in print.

 Battlestar Galactica
James Lely presents the story of the Battlestar Galactica; this book also contains discussions with the actors and details about special effects.

 Battlestar Galactica
This edition by Simons is aimed at infants and preschool children.

 Unearthing Battlestar Galactica: An Episode Guide and Analysis of the 1978 Science Fiction Television Series and Its Short-Lived Sequel, Galactica 1980
This promises to be an excellent reference source for all Battlestar fans.

Video Formats of Battlestar Galactica

These are the episodes that are currently available in video format. All shows are in VHS format unless otherwise specified.

 Baltar's Escape
John Colicos, who played Baltar, says this was his favorite episode.

 Battlestar Galactica
This is the pilot, which began the adventure; the series starred Lorne Greene.

 Fire in Space
This episode is a favorite of writing partners Terrence McDonneell and Jim Carlson.

 Gun on Ice Planet Zero/Parts 1&2
This two-part episode finds the Galactica fleet forced to depend on the skills of prisoners in order to disable a weapon that threatens to destroy them all.

 Long Patrol
Galactica's flight continues.

 Lost Planet of the Gods/Parts 1&2
This two-part episode takes Galactica to what may be the homeworld for the colonies.

 Lost Warrior
The dangers faced by Colonial warriors go far beyond simple attacks by Cylons.

 Magnificent Warrior
Some things are not quite what they seem to be.

 Man With 9 Lives
Some people are harder to kill than anyone imagines.

 Murder on the Rising Star
A science fiction, "whodunit" of the first caliber; another favorite of writer Jim Carlson's.

 Young Lords
Captain Starbuck finds himself allying with some rather unusual children to battle some particularly ambitious Cylons.

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