Excerpts from

Report on the Dumnonian Bronzes


Maelor of Corin

(Revised 11/14/97)

Little is known about the teleportation abilities of the Dumnonian Bronzes. Riders and Dragons have tried to describe the skill, but, since few possess the understanding necessary to discuss the workings of High Magic, their comments are largely unintelligible. We can assume that the skill derives from the spell wizards use to transport instantly between points in the material world. As with wizards, the better known the destination, the less likely the Dragon is to arrive imbedded in the ground. Since the Dragons have wings, they habitually aim higher than their actual goal to decrease these dangers, and they frequently use their telepathy to "check ahead" to make sure other Dragons and Riders are not providing potential obstacles in the air. Apparently the magic of the Bond allows the Riders to add their own experiences of how a destination is supposed to look to those of their Dragons, somehow decreasing the likelihood of an error. The type of error the Dragons and their Riders fear most is when a breakdown in communication occurs and their Bond "blurs" the images of two entirely separate locations. This can apparently result in the Bonded Pair arriving at an unknown height over a location that neither of them intended. It seems likely that Dragonriders are encouraged to travel when they are on leave so they can increase their own knowledge of the world and that of their mount's, thus diminishing the possibility of such errors while transporting.

As a unit, the coordination between Dragon and Rider surpasses the expectations of their designer. The telepathy between them appears to be almost instantaneous. The weakness in Dumnonian defences seems to come in the relay of commands between the Dragonlord and his Dragon to the other Dragons in the century, with the subsequent translation of the orders to the Dragonriders. This link seems to be subject to all of the corruptions of the spoken word. Rare indeed are the Lord and Rider who can think almost as one, let alone act in unison.

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