Excerpts from

On Dumnonia


Shane of Corin

(Revised 11/19/97)

The Dragonriders of Dumnonia are also given to fits of apparent stupidity: In addition to teleporting in large groups to remote destinations, the Riders have been seen skimming the dunes on the backs of speed-blurred Dragons so fast that the unlucky Rider who is thrown from his or her perch by the appearance of an unpredicted obstacle in the Dragon's path leaves no more than a bloody streak across the unforgiving sands.

To the Daethians, the Dumnonians are outcasts, mutants by virtue of their dragonblood, a race apart. Perhaps that explains why of all the races of Centuria only the Dumnonians are willing to trade with the Krills.

In terms of Daethian law, all Dumnonians are bastards, but who is to say their way is not the best? Daethians constantly complain that their parents are harsh judges. The Dumnonian practice of treating their rulers and Councilors as their cultural mothers and fathers is at least more honest, and certainly no one who has ever faced the Council of Ancients would ever describe their judgments as anything but harsh.

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