Medieval History

(and Late Antiquity)

This section of the Dragonlords' Bookstore includes texts on all topics that have to do with medieval history (and some about Late Antiquity, as my interests have turned in that direction).


This section includes the names of people who have written a lot about the Middle Ages.

Other Historical Works

This section consists of titles from multiple authors or from authors who currently only have one title in print.

 The Goths in the Fourth Century
John Matthews teamed with Peter Heather to translate several texts.

 Roman Empire of Ammianus Marcellinus
John Matthews takes a look at the Roman world of Late Antiquity.

 Atlas of the Roman World
This useful reference work is aimed at the general reader.

 The Medieval Health Handbook
Luisa Cogliati Arano's excellent presentation of the _Tacunum Santitatis_.
 Hardcover (1981).
 Hardcover (1976).

 The Medieval Sinner: Characterization and Confession in the Literature of the English Middle Ages
Mary Flowers Braswell discusses the concept of the sinner in medieval literature.

 Barbarians Within the Gates of Rome: A Study of Roman Military Policy and Barbarians, Ca. 375-425 A.D.
Thomas S. Burns's thought-provoking work detailing what happened to Roman troops when the Empire supposedly abandonned Britain.

 The Age of the Picts
While technically pre-medieval history, this book by W.A. Cummins is excellent background for anyone who studies the Middle Ages in the northern U.K.

 Literary and Historical Perspectives of the Middle Ages
P.W. Cummins edited this collection of discussion on historical and literary materials from the Middle Ages.

 The Cathedral: The Social and Architectural Dynamics of Construction
Alain Erlande-Brandenburg's contribution to the Cambridge Studies in the History of Architecture.

 The Ending of Roman Britan
A.S. Esmonde Cleary's thoughtful study of a very confusing period.

 Daily Living in the 12th Century
Urban T. Holmes takes a close look at what it was really like to live in the twelfth century.

 The End of Roman Britain
Michael E. Jones takes a look at the extent to which the Romans influenced Britain and comes to the conclusion that the impact was not as great as has been previously thought.

 An Age of Tyrants: Britain and the Britons, A.D. 400-600
Christopher A. Snyder looks at one of the most complicated and fascinating periods in British history.

 Life in a Medieval Castle and Village
John Green produced this coloring book for children.

 Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction
David MacAulay's classic study of the medieval Cathedral.

 Medieval England: An Encyclopedia (Garland Encyclopedias of the Middle Ages, Vol 3)
A fabulous new reference source for scholars in all fields.

 Encyclopedia of Medieval Church Art
A survey of the medieval visual arts in English Churches.

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