Books by L.A. Malcor

Scythia Cover From Scythia to Camelot
Coauthored with C. Scott Littleton, From Scythia to Camelot argues that the legends of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table and the Holy Grail were brought to Europe from the south Russian steppes in the final days of the Roman Empire. Revised paperback edition.


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 Heroes of the Dawn: Celtic Myth (Myth and Mankind)
Dr. Malcor coauthored the section on King Arthur in this work. The text goes under the title "Mystic Dawn" in Europe.

 Studies in Honor of Jaan Puhvel
This is the first volume of a set of essays in honor of Jaan Puhvel; L.A. Malcor has two essays in the second volume.

 Studies in Honor of Jaan Puhvel
L.A. Malcor's essay "First Bath: The 'Washing of the Child' Motif in Christian Art, or What's a Nice Jewish Boy Doing in an Indo-European Tale like this?" appears in this volume, as does "Did the Alans Reach Ireland? A Reassessment of the 'Scythian' References in the Lebor Gabala Erenn", which she coauthored with C. Scott Littleton.
 King Arthur: Tra storia e leggenda: Da Cimitile a Camelot
Currently available only through, Dr. Malcor's "The Campanians of the Round Table: the Artorii, Flora and the Holy Grail" appears in this volume.

The Chalice at the Cross

This work indexes the image of the Chalice at the Cross from apostolic times until 1501 C.E. Extensive bibliography is included for each example. Geographic distribution and pattern of transmission for the Grail legend are also discussed.

L.A. Malcor's dissertation is not available through Amazon. You can order it, however, through Contentville.


 King Arthur
This is the one you want, folks. The Unrated, Widescreen Director's Cut. It's by far the best version of the movie. Dr. Malcor is supposedly featured in the interviews/minifeatures about the making of the movie.
 PG-13 (Okay, if you absolutely have to have the PG-13, Full screen edition, here it is as well.)

 King Arthur
Frank Thompson's novelization of the 2004 movie. (Dr. Malcor did not write the book, but she did consult on the film.)

Fan Fiction

The Danya Winterborn Saga
Several of L.A. Malcor's Danya Winterborn stories in novella format.

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