Excerpts from

Book of the Great Wizards


Raedon Strongbow

(Revised 11/19/97)

The greatest of the Wizards of Corin were able to slow time almost to a stop within certain enclosed areas, but the power drain required to do so was enormous. Theoretically, it is possible to produce the opposite effect: accelerating time within a limited space, but the anticipated drain on available magic is greater than that required to slow time by several orders of magnitude. To travel through time, either forward or backward, using techniques similar to those necessary to walk between dimensions of space, would be prohibitively expensive in terms of magical power as well as unwise: Stopping off in another dimension brought the Mirari to Centuria, but it also opened a path to our world for the Dark One; one shudders to contemplate the evils that might emerge from the practice of traveling to other times. Thus, the practice of time magic was strongly discouraged at the School of Corin, and the existence of such spells has been forgotten by all except a few Dragonprophets, whose fellow clerics take any mention of the subject to be a religious metaphor.

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