Excerpts from

The Dragonlords' Handbook


Corin of Daethia

(Revised 11/14/97)

It is advisable to send your Dragonriders out of Dumnonia while they are on leave. In this manner they may become acquainted with remote locations in the event that they need to transport there. They will also become increasingly familiar with the cultures of your allies. On this last point, too much knowledge about friends seems to be something of a contradiction in terms. One never knows when some small look or casual word might hopelessly offend someone who might otherwise be your greatest ally. Dumnonian ways are not the ways of everyone on Centuria, and the failure to understand this can easily result in unnecessary and tragic death.

The basic problem with sending Dumnonians into battle is not getting them to fight, but rather getting them to fight as something resembling a unit. Once the Dragonriders are actively engaged in combat, the Dragonlord's prime responsibility is not to alter the position of units as a Daethian or elven commander would be free to do but simply to keep the Dragons and their Riders from accidentally killing each other.

If a Stripling is assigned to a Dragonrider who is killed, the Dragonlord may reassign that dragonette to someone who is able to care for it. In the event that no suitable Trainer can be found, the Stripling remains the responsibility of the Dragonlord.

Perhaps the hardest time in a Rider's life after the Training is the day an assigned Stripling becomes an adult and must either Bond with a Rider or go off to live on its own. The wise Dragonlord will have a new dragonette ready to supply for such Riders, for the new responsibility, while never taking the place of the old one, tends to ease the pain of parting just as caring for a Rider tends to compensate the female Dragon for the loss of her eggs.

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