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The Arthurian legends have appeared many times in comic books, role-playing games and graphic novels. Here are some of the more famous works.


The Pendragon role-playing game never gained the popularity of other fantasy RPGs, but you can still find the materials to enjoy it.

 King Arthur Pendragon: Epic Roleplaying in Legendary Britain
The basic game from Greg Stafford and company.

Other Games

 The Merlin Mystery
Jonathan Gunson and Marten Coombe authored this book, which promises $125,000 to the first reader who solves the crime.

Camelot 3000

Camelot 3000 was a major success for DC comics. The series plays on the legend of the Once and Future King. Arthur and reincarnations of several of his companions (some not precisely in a form that agrees with them) take to outer space to save the universe--and the Camelot legend starts to play out again.

 Camelot 3000
The smash comic series from DC in a single volume.
 Paperback (1988).

Prince Valiant

One of the best-loved comic series of all time, Prince Valiant is set during the reign of King Arthur.

 Prince Valiant: The Prophecy (Vol. 1)
The first book, and the beginning of a legend.

 Prince Valiant: The Singing Sword (Vol. 2)
Hal Foster mixes magic and adventure in the second Prince Valiant book.

 Prince Valiant: Journey to Africa (Vol. 6)
An Arthurian knight in Africa? Oh, why not <g>?

 Prince Valiant: The Roman Wall (Vol. 7)
Prince Valiant's advenntures take him to Hadrian's Wall.

 Prince Valiant (Vol. 8)
Hal Foster sends Prince Valiant on his eighth set of adventures.

 Prince Valiant (Vol. 9)
Prince Valiant rides out for a ninth time!

 Prince Valiant (Vol. 10)
The tenth volume of Harold R. Foster's well-loved series.

 Prince Valiant: Intrigues at Camelot (Vol. 11)
Prince Valiant jousts with politics in the eleventh volume of the series.

 Prince Valiant: The New World (Vol. 12)
Prince Valiant's adventures send him roving far afield in the twelfth book of the series.

 Prince Valiant: The Sun Goddess (Vol. 13)
Hal Foster presents the thirteenth collection of adventures of Prince Valiant.

 Prince Valiant: Sword and Sorcery (Vol. 14)
Magic and mayhem swirl through this fourteenth volume in the Prince Valiant series.

 Prince Valiant: Young Geoffrey (Vol. 15)
Prince Valiant finds himself confronted by a young challenger.

 Prince Valiant: Love and War (Vol. 16)
Prince Valiant faces the challenges of love and war.

 Prince Valiant: Return from Rome (Vol. 17)
Prince Valiant returns from Rome to find that his world is not quite as he'd left it.

 Prince Valiant: Stolen River (Vol. 18)
Hal Foster's eighteenth adventure of Prince Valiant.

 Prince Valiant: Duel in Ireland (Vol. 19)
Prince Valiant goes to Ireland.

 Prince Valiant: Pilgrimage (Vol. 20)
The time-honored medieval tradition of the pilgrimage is featured in this Prince Valiant story.

 Prince Valiant: Monastery of the Demons (Vol. 29)
Prince Valiant takes on supernatural enemies that threaten the world of Camelot.

 Prince Valiant: Arn, Son of Valiant (Vol. 30)
This book follows the adventures of Valiant's son.

 Prince Valiant: A Joust for Aleta (Vol. 31)
Hal Foster is in fine form for this thirty-first volume in his series!

 Prince Valiant: An American Epic (Vol. 1)
A beautiful hardcover edition of Prince Valiant stories.

 Prince Valiant: An American Epic (Vol. 2)
A gorgeous spiral-bound edition of Prince Valiant stories.

 Prince Valiant: An American Epic (Vol. 3)
A third spiral-bound edition of Prince Valiant stories.

 Prince Valiant
Martin Delrio's novelization for children ages 9 to 12.
 Paperback (1999).

 Prince Valiant
A VHS video of the Prince Valiant story, starring James Mason.

 Prince Valiant
A 1997 video of the Prince Valiant story, starring Stephen Moyer and Katherine Heigl.

 Prince Valiant Postcard Book: In the Days of King Arthur
The postcard edition by Harold R. Foster.

 Prince Valiant Coloring Book (Authorized Edition)
John Dandola produced this wonderful accessory to the Prince Valiant series.

 A Prince Valiant Companion
Hal Foster helped compile this fine reference source.

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