Basic Rules

(Revised 1/14/02)

These are the basic rules by which all approved base camps must abide. Since I can't possibly anticipate everything that will happen in the future, these rules are subject to change.

(1) Good and Evil

The world of Centuria is built around a scenario of a conflict between good and evil. The use of this conflict in character backgrounds, Role Playing (RP) sessions and the fanzines shall present the triumph of good over evil. Bad things may happen to good characters. Evil may win temporary victories over the characters. But any character who commits an act that constitutes a crime by our laws in the real world must suffer punishment for that crime, even though a fictional culture in the fantasy world may have no law against the act. No one shall get away with or be rewarded for committing an evil act nor shall evil characters or codes of conduct be glorified in any way.

(2) Violence

The central conflict on Centuria is a war, so it would be absurd to bar members from using violence in their stories. I do, however, insists that there be no graphic descriptions of violence.

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The laws enforced by several of the cultures on the world look to Middle Eastern, medieval, military and other historical models. Many times these laws are what some people consider to be brutally harsh. The same is true for the harsh methods of childrearing that are presented. These laws and practices were designed to enable the Centurian cultures to function in a world without prisons and in a constant state of war. These cultures occupy fictional lands where children need to learn as quickly as possible that the price for making a simple mistake is often death. Adhere to the historical models for character backgrounds, RP sessions and stories for the fanzines. But please take special note: The Dragonlords of Dumnonia live in a fantasy world. I in no way promote or condone any form of violence or abusive behavior toward anyone in real life.

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(3) Sex

When one of the major deities for a world is a fertility goddess, sex is simply going to be part of some storylines. There is no way to avoid that, and it is part of why the clubs have an "R" rating (No one under 18 will be admitted to membership without approval from a parent or legal guardian.). Also, the Dumnonians are not body shy among themselves, though they appear that way to strangers. Situations requiring nudity will arise. The full range of human sexual orientations are permissable as well.

That said, no pornography is allowed. No graphic descriptions of genitalia. Rape and other forms of abusive sex shall be deplored and not approved of in any way. Nor shall sex be the sole focus of any story.

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(4) Prejudice

The whole idea behind Shashtah Dragonheart is that he loves everyone regardless of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, physical disabilities or anything else. While a character may express prejudice toward another character, such prejudice must always be punished. Prejudice expressed toward a player will result in the removal of the violator from the club.

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(5) Religion

The religions on Centuria are entirely fictional. While real titles might be used for some of the clerical ranks, the religions themselves do not exist. These are my gods; I made them up, just as I made up the religious services that honor them. In fact, with the exception of the Mother, the deities of Centuria aren't really deities at all. They are simply very powerful Wizards from another dimension. Any resemblance to real world religions, religious groups and/or anything else of a religious nature is purely coincidental. These fictional religions shall not be depicted in any way that would promote disrespect for real world religions or their participants. The fan clubs shall not endorse or promote any specific real world religion or religious practice.

(6) Language

The only swear words that are allowed on Centuria are listed in the Book of Oaths. I will add to this list as ideas occur to me, but I ask the members refrain from submitting suggestions to me because of potential copyright complications. No real world profanity is permitted.

(7) Names

My characters may not be used in any way without filing a Release Form with me. My characters' names may not be used except as a reference to the actual character (that means, no, you may not have a grandfather named Kashon or a daughter named Kassandra). Obviously the list of No-No Names is going to change over time. If a member is already using a name that I use in a later work, that member may continue using that name for the existing fan character, but no future characters by that name will be allowed. No more than two uses of a name are permitted on Centuria. That means if someone has a character called Fred and someone else has a horse called Fred, there can be no more "Freds" anywhere on the planet. (Nicknames are excepted.) Please avoid ending Dragon names in "-th"; that is an Anne McCaffrey convention and does not belong on Centuria.

(8) The Eleventh Commandment

Thou shalt not confuse Centuria with Pern, Star Trek, Velgarth/Valdemar, AD&D, or any other universe. No Cardassians, Companions, Pernese Dragons, fire lizards, Ferengi, Klingons, firebirds, bond birds, hertasi, UFOs, or anything else that is not detailed in my novels and short stories. If you are in doubt as to whether or not a creature is allowed, ask. I'll be happy to tell you. And no "First Contact" stories. This is fantasy, not science fiction.

(9) Locations

Although characters may be created as living anywhere on the world, the character sheets must be attached to one of the approved clubs. The only locations that are approved as clubs are the Dragonlord base camps, and they require a charter from me to create. All other locations as detailed in the Gazetteer are available for play. If you wish to add a location to the Gazetteer, however, you must have prior permission from me. Each club can describe their own base camp as the members see fit, but all other locations must conform to my descriptions.

(10) Magic

There are two types of magic on Centuria: Clerical and Wizardry. Clerical is granted at the whim of the cleric's deity. Wizardry involves intimate knowledge of what is being affected by the spell. The two types are explained in more detail in the membership materials.

There are no other types of "magic" allowed. No ESP. The effects of ESP can be created through the affects of Wizardry spells or by divine miracles, but ESP itself does not exist.

No Prophesy is allowed (I reserve the Prophetic ability for my own characters.).

No time magic stories are allowed without my express prior permission. Only a deity or a very powerful Wizard can cast such spells, and all of those characters belong exclusively to me.

(11) Characters

Members may not have characters that are Dragonprophets, Dragonhearts, deities, royalty, High Priests, or any other specialty type as detailed in the membership materials. I'm putting no restrictions on race, gender, orientation or profession--beyond what is detailed in the paks, kits, and applications--but the highest ranking Non-Player Characters (NPCs) I reserve for me.

(12) Publications

Each club may issue fanzines, newsletters, and logs of Role-Playing sessions through e-mail to approved members only, but absolutely no duplication of these materials is permitted. Approved members may maintain one electronic copy and one print copy of the file for use by member and his/her household. Permission to otherwise duplicate or "lend" any of these materials without the author's written consent is expressly denied.

(13) Dues

No club may charge dues or otherwise make a profit off my work.

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